Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What to buy on 5/09

Countdown - Maybe...they don't have the same level of talent writing it as they did 52, but if they learn from the mistakes of 52 and don't repeat them, it could turn out to be a good series. I'd wait though, before recommending it.

Green Lantern Corps - One of the worst titles being produced by DC right now. A title with zero sense of direction, no feeling for the characters, and ludicrous plots. I really don't like this book.

Hulk and Power Pack - Only if you enjoy the Marvel Adventures series would I recommend this.

Invincible - Absolutely! Highly recommended.

Jack of Fables - This current arc is seriously EH. Overall, a good title, but if you haven't been reading it, I can't say as I'd recommend starting with this issue.

Marvel Zombies Dead Days - looks interesting. It might be worth picking this one up. At least you wouldn't have to worry about potentially adding another continuing series to your pull list.

New Avengers - I'll read it, but the fact that Bendis has been jumping back and forth in time is really jarring to the reading. I wouldn't recommend it.

New X-Men - This new arc could be good. And Skottie Young's art on this title is very cute.

Nova - I wasn't sure how to feel about last issue. And in this issue, Marvel editorial imposes Iron Man upon Nova in order to tie in the events of Civil War. I think it's a mistake to do something like that in such an early issue of a new title.

Punisher War Journal - If every issue of this title were as good as last week's Spidey annual, I'd say no question. As it is, last issue was pretty EH, and the title has really been hit or miss for me as a whole. It's not that it's particularly bad writing. It's just that Fraction's Punisher isn't someone I really care to read about.

Spidey/FF is definitely worth keeping on your list. Because even if every other single book you buy is utter shite, this book will leave you with a pleasant taste in your mouth.

Thunderbolts - An odd title. I'll read it, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it...especially to someone who hasn't been reading it.

Y The Last Man - This title is in the homestretch. If you've enjoyed it thus far, I'd say definitely pick it up. Otherwise, wait for the trade.

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