Thursday, May 31, 2007

Spirit #6

Spirit #6
I love Darwyn Cooke. He's my man. I've gotta say though, I really wasn't feeling it with this issue. The story could have been cool and all, but the execution just didn't cut it. Maybe he was going for more of a punk feel with this story. I'm not sure. But whatever he was trying for, didn't quite work out. First of all, the story is intercut with unnecessary Spirit interludes. I know it's his book and all, but those few scenes were the kind of scenes that end up on the cutting room floor of a film because they "slow it down too much". I'm sure you're familiar with the kind of scenes I'm speaking about. The commentary on the deleted scenes of umpteen DVDs are full of directors pointing this out. Leave the scenes out and it works much better. With them, it just feels disjointed.
I still love done in ones. They're a nice helping of escape, without having to sweat the details of continuity too much. Truthfully, though, I'd have liked to see Almost Blue as a recurring character. He has a certain novelty that makes him more interesting than Denny himself, at least in this story.
I'd go with a high OKAY on this.

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