Monday, May 21, 2007

Spider-Man 3D?

Well, I drove out to the suburbs to see Spidey in IMAX 3D, and when I got there they told me (contrary to what they'd told me on the phone) that there was no 3D in the movie - it was just shown on a giant screen.
Now, maybe it's me, but when a movie is shown on a screen that's THAT much bigger, isn't it more difficult to appreciate? Your eyes can't process all of the visual information presented. You lose any action or details occuring on the periphery. That's not worth paying $11 to see.
IMAX 3D, though, genuinely adds a fresh aspect to a film. It allows you to view certain scenes as if they were legitimately occurring directly in front of you, IRL. That's worth paying $15 for. 'S'All I'm saying.
Which is why, even after driving another half hour to another suburban IMAX theater which wasn't answering their phone, and turned out to NOT have Spider-Man in 3D (although, for what they did have, they charged $12.50 - wait, what?), I opted to see Shrek 3 instead for a mere $8.50.
Not as good as the first, much better than the second, excellent voice acting, especially by Eric Idle. Worthwhile, although, really? Wait for DVD realease. The only reason I saw it last night was that I'd just spent an hour driving, and to not see a movie? That'd have been stupid. So it was the best choice of any other movies playing.

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