Thursday, May 10, 2007

Annihilation Saga (unfinished)

Annihilation Saga
Marvel is following up its EXCELLENT Annihilation series with another mini this summer: Annihilation: Conquest. For those who missed last year's event, yet are too cheap to go out and find it in trades, Marvel has published this book. Unfortunately, it robs the many series involved in the Annihilation crossover of most of their charm, and instead reads more like an encyclopedia entry.
When Marvel published Runaways Saga, prior to bringing Joss Whedon on the title, they used an original device within, specifically making the book Molly's diary. Thus, it had charm, wit, and often presented the old stories with a new spin, as seen from a little girl's point of view. This book, however, has no such saving graces. So, while it definitely serves its function well, in allowing new readers to bring themselves up to speed on the cosmic events surrounding the upcoming cosmic miniseries, it essentially robs any new readers of the chance to enjoy the source material which was witty, well-written, well-illustrated, and original (for the most part).

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