Thursday, May 10, 2007

Green Arrow #74

Green Arrow #74
Oh my god, yes! Yes! YES!!
Ummm...yeah...sorry about that.
Winick redeems himself for screwing up Ollie's relationship with Dinah, by making it all part of Ollie's journey to become a better man. And she recognizes that in him. And they fuck for nearly two days straight. Heh.
Answered questions: Ollie bankrolled the Outsiders specifically to allow Roy to leave them and join the Justice League. He knew about Hal's wanting to ask Roy, and supported the decision.
Sin is with a sitter.
Questions I didn't need answered: Ollie hasn't has sex for a year, waiting for Dinah to notice him and come back of her own accord. Awwwww.
New question: Who's that standing next to Deathstroke?
I hope that Winick doesn't fuck this up by dangling Dinah in our faces only to dash our hopes for this perfect couple once again. If Ollie indeed does propose next issue, please let her say yes.
And let Merlyn get his fucking ass handed to him. Please, please?

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