Friday, May 18, 2007

Checkmate #14, Outsiders #47

Checkmate #14, Outsiders #47
The writing in this and the previous issue shows just how bad, by comparison, Judd Winick's writing truly is. Oh lord, how the first Outsiders issue of this crossover was AWFUL. So much hackneyed dialogue it was painful to read. And Rucka's writing is as good as Winick's is bad. I don't know for certain that he truly understands the Outsiders, but he certainly understands people and how they talk.
Good things about this issue: DC's answer to Fin Fang Foom, right down to the purple undies! Nightwing's facial hair. Some possible resolution on the Task Force X cameoed in 52 that never was seen again. Zombie robots!
Bad things? Only one: the art. It's really not very good.
This issue? GOOD. I just wish that this story were entirely self-contained within the pages of Checkmate. That way, we wouldn't have to suffer through another month of subpar dialogue and writing by Winick.

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