Friday, May 25, 2007

Robin #162

Robin #162
A GOOD issue. Solid. Finally provides some forward momentum to this plot and wraps up this street drug case that Robin's been working on. Honestly, though, this arc has been at least one issue too long. The fight scene in this issue dragged on too long. Seriously, when will writers realize that fight scenes only work if something new happens in each panel. Otherwise, it's just more of the same, and the reader skips to the next bit of text. Perhaps this book could do with some better art.
The major problem with this issue, though, is nailing down exactly where it fits in to continuity. At the end of the issue, Cassie Cain kills the corrupt businessman that Robin can't quite nail. The problem is, recently she's been shown being evil in Deathstroke's "Titans East", and in that book it was implied that her turn towards the leader of the assassin's guild was primarily due to Deathstroke's machinations, along with a bit of pharmaceutical assistance. However, that was not implied whatsoever at the end of her series, nor has it ever been implied in this title. So what's the truth? And when is this happening? Robin recently "cured" Cassie in the latest issue of Teen Titans, so does this happen before that? Of course, it could quite possibly happen following that event. Since, according to Johns, Cassie's journey towards the dark side was pharmaceutically induced, her actions in this issue can be viewed as attempting to take vengeance on all those who would do likewise to others. It's actually quite noble.
And Robin doesn't truly seem to mind this final development.

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