Friday, May 25, 2007

Fantastic Four #546

Fantastic Four #546
I've begun reading this title again following JMS's disastrously bad run and then the stupidity of Civil War. Still, this is not what I'd expect from a Fantastic Four book. Maybe the problem is that I was spoiled by Waid, but this material just seems incredibly uninspired. Until the very end of the book, that is. At that point it changes tone completely and gets fun again. Perhaps it's just that I view T'challa and Ororo as inherently boring characters. Regardless, although readable, this book remains an EH.
And now you can read the last issue of Black Panther.
Last thing: What's the deal with the Initiative bannering on this title? It's completely unrelated! It's not a crossover issue, and to banner it as such is misleading and dishonest. It's damn near close to false advertising.

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