Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Captain America

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America - Captain America
What? Hawkeye as Captain America? When is this supposed to happen? What? Overcoming my complete and utter incredulity at the premise of this story, which I note was conceived of by our old friend JMS, I must admit that the writing in this issue is actually not that bad. Until the end. Since when does Tony Stark talk like this? Since everyone and their mother started writing him with completely different personalities? I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel ended up getting out of the hole they're digging for themselves by diagnosing Tony with DID (dissociative identity disorder - often incorrectly referred to as multiple personality disorder/syndrome). At least New Avengers #30 is already out. Because, otherwise, wouldn't that suck? Not bad, just EH. I really don't find myself vested in this "series" at all, however surprisingly GOOD the last issue was. At least each issue is essentially a one-shot. I wouldn't recommend not reading this, but I just can't find a convincing argument towards recommending reading it. Other than inking by Klaus Janson over lines of John Romita Jr. Although some characters' probosci seem altogether too long for their faces.
And whose idea was it to include the phrase "The Death of Captain America" in every single issue? How unbelievably lame is that? What, are we trying to remind people that Cap is dead, hoping it will sink in? Ummm, yeah, sorry Marvel, nobody's buying it. We all know he's coming back. I mean, this very issue brings Hawkeye back. They promised that he was dead. They swore that he was dead. Even the She-Hulk arc that "brought him back" still ended with him being dead. Well, guess what? He's baaack! So really, how long do you think it'll be before Marvel realizes their colossal stupidity and brings Cap back? God, trying to get my thinking into JoeydaQ's brain hurts. Whatever. Allow me to end this post by restating my opinion that a sprocking penciller should not be Marvel's editor-in-chief.
No, one more thought. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to title this book Hawkeye, instead of Captain America? I mean, they've put him on the cover, for God's sake! It's not that big of a surprise when he shows up on the first page, now, is it? Plus, he's already been officially brought back in the pages of the aforementioned New Avengers, and, lame as it may be, Marvel has been beating around the bush refusing to deal with it. How about a five issue series called "The Resurrection of Hawkeye"? Oh, please don't take that seriously. Oh my god, you're really going to do it, aren't you? Goddammit!

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