Thursday, May 10, 2007

JLA Classified #38

JLA Classified #38
This issue started out strongly, and continued in that fashion right until just before the end. And then Milligan threw me a typical Milligan twist. Unfortunately, it wasn't backed up by anything he'd shown previously. There really doesn't seem to be sufficient reason for Kid Amazo to go insane. No more so than for any teenager to go insane. Because of the ending, I'm wavering between good and very good..
The fact that Martian Manhunter makes a joke and smiles, just days after being forced to undergo a psychic purge, doesn't help. It's nice to know that he's seen the softer side of Sears, but under the circumstances I don't feel that it's appropriate.
A very high GOOD.
I'm enjoying this story a lot. Especially in light of recent disappointing stories in this title.

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