Thursday, May 10, 2007

Amazing Spider-Man #540 (unread)

Amazing Spider-Man #540
I'm not going to read this. I don't believe that the current storyline is true to the decades of Spider-Man stories that have come before. Additionally, this Back in Black "event" is obviously nothing more than a ploy to acheive some sort of congruency with Spider-Man 3, out in theaters now. The reasoning given for Peter to put the black costume on is stupid. The reasons he took it off in the first place are ignored. The fact that he actually threw the costume away years ago is overlooked. And since when can inorganic Spidey webbing last more than an hour? That brings up another stupidity that Marvel perpetrated upon Spidey to "decrease confusion" a while back...they gave Peter organic webs. Aside from the fact that the storyline in which they did so was ridiculous to the extreme, and also occurred in a title which until that point hadn't been considered canon (at least not by many fans), due to its many continuity gaffes, this story decision eliminated a very important factor from the Spider mythos. Previously, it was always an issue for Peter to maintain his webbing levels, occasionally forcing him to be frugal with its usage, bringing up the issue of how expensive it was for him to make it, and when he'd run out, forcing him to adjust his plans accordingly. Nowadays, unless this organic phase wears off, no such stories can ever be told again. It drastically decreases the dramatic tension.
JMS has written Spider-Man very poorly over the past year or so, introducing odd developments, changes that make no sense in terms of continuity, and retcons that take huge portions of our childhood and defile them. I've stopped reading his titles.
Let's get Matt Fraction on this title. What do you say?


MaGnUs said...

I like having the black costume back, and I must point out that the organic webs are not inexhaustible; Peter can run out of them if he's tired, or not well-fed.

acespot said...

I don't particularly dislike the black costume. My point is that there were very definitive reasons why Peter got rid of it in the first place, and the reasoning given by JMS for putting it back on made NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER!

And re: the organic webs? When did that ever happen?

acespot said...

Anyways, MaGnUs, you're missing the forest for the trees - the examples I mentioned are merely the trees. The overall objections are the forest.

MaGnUs said...

The organic webs happen a couple of years ago, during the Queen storyline, before Peter joined the New Avengers.

And we'll agree to disagree, I think JMS is a good Spidey-writer.

acespot said...

No, I know when he got organic webs....I referenced it above. It happened during the Avengers Disassembled crossover event in a largely unrelated crossover. I mentioned also that this title had previously not been considered canon.

My question to you remains: When has Peter EVER run out of organic webbing?