Friday, May 25, 2007

Captain America #26

Captain America #26
Of course, I have to review this, don't I? Truthfully, I really wish that this book had come out immediately following #25. Because, as it is, all the various miniseries and one-shots that Marvel has seen fit to release in the interim cheapen the entire event. Not only that, but this book shows people reacting to the "Death of Captain America" in a much more organic, human, believable, (insert your own adjective here) way than the three issues (so far) of Jeph Loeb's Fallen Son miniseries.
Honestly, I'm not all that clear on what's happening in the Red Skull interlude in this issue - but that's probably because I didn't read any of the Civil War issues of this title. I'm sure that it'll all make sense eventually. It seemed to me though, to be setting up Cap's return due to some time machination. Basically, Cap comes from the past and lives in the future or something. He'd still die and wither to a mummy-like corpse, but he'd be alive and well in the future.
Still no sense of who Brubaker is planning for the next Captain America to be. The story in this book provides us with three strong candidates though: 1) Falcon, 2) Winter Soldier, 3) Sharon Carter. Personally, I'd prefer to see the narrative take the third possibility. But perhaps that's just because it would be so completely unexpected. Let's just hope that it doesn't end up being Storm and Black Panther. Oh god, would that suck donkey balls.
I'm wavering between a score of good and very good on this issue - its impact is just so lessened by the passage of time since the previous issue. Whatever, VERY GOOD.

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