Friday, August 17, 2007

X-Men Endangered Species #8

X-Men: Endangered Species #8
I've actually been enjoying this story a lot lately. Although many people hate him, hate him, hate him, I've always enjoyed Dark Beast. Probably because I enjoyed the original Age of Apocalypse so much. So here, in a story that places Henry McCoy and Henry McCoy side by side as allies, it's interesting to view the differences between the two characters. Dark Beast wears a leather overcoat. He has peircings. His fur is darker. He's not feline in appearance. Gone, however, are the spiky hairs that were typical of 90's era Madureira and company styles. It was cool back then to think that his self-experimentation had gotten to the point that his hair had turned into quills in some places.
This story is well written and well paced. Unfortunately, it requires the purchase of several poorer quality books to follow the entire thing. Unless, of course, you can get away with reading the entire eight pages at your LCS or Borders. Still, the recap page is such that you can skip an episode here and there and still remain caught up with the story. It's quite GOOD, actually, and I'm interested in seeing where it goes. It's got 72 more pages to do something with, so I'm quite excited.

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