Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ms. Marvel #18

Ms. Marvel #18
Very late review. So sue me. Fleshy thing.

This issue reminds me of one of the reasons that I miss NextWave so much. Aaron Stack's smugness is captured perfectly by the pen of Brian Reed. Excellent dialogue. Really excellent. I can only hope that Machine Man will be a regular addition to this book's already burgeoning supporting cast. Because really, that's probably the only reason this title is still around. If not for the supporting cast, all you'd have is a book about Ms. Marvel. And honestly? She's pretty dull. Sure, she may have Power Girl sized breasts, but other than that, she doesn't regularly display any attributes which would distinguish her from the rest of the Marvel Superheroes who don't have their own books. So it's all about the supporting cast. Arana is used better in this title than she ever was in Amazing Fantasy or Arana. Seriously, those books were BOOOORING.
Sleepwalker is here too! I loved Sleepwalker back in the day! Sure, in retrospect it wasn't exactly Shakespeare, but for a fourteen year old boy, it was fun! So, I'm looking forward to that addition as well.
Oh what the heck, after so many negative reviews and so many other people not giving this book a chance, I think that Brian Reed may have just won me over. You can be sure I'll be reading issue #19. GOOD work.

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