Thursday, August 09, 2007

New Excalibur #22

New Excalibur #22
I don't know why I expected anything else, but this issue was CRAP. Apparently Albion and the "Shadow Captains" have taken over Britain by negating all technology. So what? It's not as if this hasn't been done elsewhere. Or has it? Well, it seems like it has. It seems tired.

Quick! Somebody tell Claremont that Blair isn't Prime Minister any more!

Then a big fight with the "Shadow Captains" versus the Excalibur team and "Shadow-X" - is it just me, or are there too many Shadows here? - Shadow Beast dies, but takes a whole GODDAMN page to do it. See if I care. I can't even see his face! That said, the inker, whoever it was - this issue has four of them! - does a pretty good job with what he's given.

The dialogue is hackneyed, the plot is worn-out, I can't wait until Cornell takes over this title, and we can finally get some good storytelling out of it. Until then, this is just CRAP.

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