Friday, August 10, 2007

New Avengers #33

New Avengers #33
If you're going to write a deaf character, be consistent. I'm sick and tired of seeing her respond to people whose mouths she can't see, respond to noises she can't hear. Either write her deaf, or explain that it was all a ruse, and that she's not really deaf. Because otherwise? You're just a hack.
And here I was, anticipating the introduction of The Hood into the pages of New Avengers, but it turns out he's being used as just some random villain in a conspiracy. It could've been anybody. (Well, anybody who can turn invisible, but still.)
And now Jessica isn't a Skrull? Make your damn minds up already! Luke accuses everybody and their aunt's roommate's dog of being a Skrull. It's getting boring. Where is all this paranoia coming from? Has he been dosed by Mister Fear? And I've had enough with Luke's arachnophobia. However, his argument, that Peter revealed his identity publicly on TV, then ended up not supporting the registration act, is pretty compelling. But Luke doesn't know about writers who are so full of themselves that they believe that they can do anything to established characters, no matter how out of character it may be, and not have to worry about the consequences. Yes, I'm talking to you, JMS and Millar. But we know. Oh, do we know. EH.

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