Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shadowpact #16

Shadowpact #16
Wow! Another great issue! Danny's lawyer runs into some complications in hell. And back on the material plane, Danny gets assigned thirteen impossible tasks, the first of which is to curb the advances of Zatanna's mother's people - the Homo Magi - upon our realm. Alone. What an engine for the next few years' worth of stories! Although it doesn't really leave room for the rest of the Shadowpact. I suppose his lawyer will just have to find a way out of this mess, or will have to get Blue Devil his own book.
Eve transports tens of thousands of Chicagoans to the shadow dimension, saving them all. Detective Chimp shows that he's a natural when it comes to working with children. The Justice League shows up to render assistance. Nightmaster and Enchantress take Doc Gotham on and nearly defeat him before he escapes, and then

uh, no, that's pretty much it - the issue just ends! It's as if Willingham had two more story pages written, but ran out of space for them. What? It's a very unsatisfying ending to such an incredible read as this issue. It truly detracts from the enjoyment factor to the extent that what was once very good is now merely GOOD.

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