Friday, August 31, 2007

Outsiders Five of a Kind Week 5 Grace Wonder Woman

Outsiders Five of a Kind Week 5 Grace Wonder Woman
Well, if you're half Amazon, then, DUH, your mother was an Amazon.
Diana was unique among Amazons for having been made of clay, wasn't she? Don't all Amazons at one time or another, require men to breed? And if so, wouldn't every Amazon be half Amazon? And thus, shouldn't every half Amazon just be merely Amazon? And since when do Bana and Themiscyran Amazons have different DNA? Why would they?

Actually, lakes do have tides. Andreyko must not live near one.

Why would Grace need a disguise? It's not like anybody knows who she is. Maybe she should wear a shirt though, to cover all her ink?
Seriously? A spin change?

"How 'bout I call you 'cuz?"/"Too soon?"/"Yeah, OK. Too soon." The last words in Andreyko's story. But they don't actually read like a conversation. In fact, they sound more one-sided.

In this issue, Grace describes some medication as six kinds of CRAP. I agree with her assessment. This story is six kinds of CRAP. This entire concept is six kinds of CRAP. And how many kinds of CRAP are there? Let's see: human, monkey, dog, elephant, bird, horse. Okay, six kinds of CRAP. But why or how would Grace be familiar with the way six of them taste?

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