Friday, August 17, 2007

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23
PAD delivers another EXCELLENT issue! Great dialogue, as always, and a witty reminder that families often think alike.
Again, although part of a larger story within a larger story, this issue is basically a one-off featuring the long-time-coming final confrontation between Spidey and JJJ - face to face and man to man. Each of them works out their frustrations on the other, and each of them emerges changed for the better. And PAD does his bit by helping to reset Spidey's status quo in the wake of Civil War (STUPID) by having JJJ drop the lawsuit against Peter, rehire Robby, and (probably) stop attacking Spidey in the paper based on the Registration Act. Sure, one of those is a probably, and the other just happened two issues ago, but still, this feels like the kind of Spider-Man books we should be reading nowadays, instead of the shit that JMS has been putting out, and is about to force upon us with JoeyDaQ's blessing in "One More Day". Peter David needs more work in the mainstream Marvel Universe. Taking Spidey away from him in favor of JMS is not right.

It's cool that he was able to work the title of the book, and even its acronym, into the dialogue several times.

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