Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Final Crisis pairing announcement

Although Grant Morrison and JG Jones do, indeed, make an excellent pairing, that will only be true on Final Crisis if Grant is heavily edited. Otherwise, we'll end up with storylines which are non-linear in the extreme as The Invisibles was, or nonsensical - especially when considered in the framework of the greater universe - as Marvel Boy was. Both of these series require the reader to hold an advanced degree in Philosophy (or the equivalent thereof) to even begin to make sense of.
I'll admit openly that after reading the full series of The Invisibles, I still had no idea what it was about. I did not like it, Sam I Am.
Likewise with Marvel Boy. The series makes no sense, since it occurs in what is quite obviously NOT the mainstream Marvel Universe, yet Noh-Varr shows up in Civil War: Young Avengers and Runaways. Either that's a dfferent person, or somebody seriously dropped the ball on that one.
Morrison's work on Batman has been spectacularly disappointing - and nowhere near the readability of his Animal Man stories, which I consider a classic by any definition.

It all boils down to the editing. If Morrison is given Carte Blanche, we're bound to get an indecipherable mess.
If, however, the editors force him to more or less obey the established constraints of Superhero writing, we may very well end up with a classic.

Regardless, it will certainly be pretty.

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