Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Justice Society of America #8
Much as I love his artwork, Alex Ross' covers for this series have been annoying. The characters featured on the issues have often not even been the focus of the actual issue. If I'm not mistaken, the fact that they're featured on the cover doesn't even guarantee their presence in the issue whatsoever! This issue is therefore a nice change. Foremost, it's nice to finally find out how Rick and Jesse got together. "That will be explained in World War III." Shyeah, right. Sure, it's still a bit vague, but just seeing them together doing more than making out adds untold depth to their relationship. It's a cute story, with worthwhile character development for both Rick and Jesse, and some excellent character beats for Damage as well. (Plus, there's an editor's note referring the reader to Damage #0!! If only DC would collect that series on trade for those who haven't read it. But then, that's why there's DCP! Not to worry, though, I've got all 21 issues. Damage is one of my favorite characters, and I've got almost all of his DCU appearances.) Also, there's some good exposition regarding Jesse's powers and their source. My only complaint regarding this issue was the absence of Starman. But I guess you can't always have it all. And you know I love me my done-in-ones. VERY GOOD.

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