Friday, August 17, 2007

New X-Men #41

New X-Men #41
Gawd, that was AWFUL. What was the point? Santo turns into a limbo rock monster. Hey, wasn't Limbo Rock a sixties song? By Chubby Checker?
An unnamed boy comes back with no name. And a new arm. Pixie (what are her powers exactly?) loses a piece of her soul. A pointless reunion between Ilyana Rasputin and Colossus. Is it her? Isn't it? If it is, then why doesn't Belasco recognize her as the one he's been searching for? If it isn't, then why does her reunion with her brother go like it does?
An entirely pointless issue of an entirely pointless story in what has become an entirely pointless series. And I can't stand the art. It's cute for a story of some kids just sitting around and talking, but when it tries to portray action sequences, it fails miserably. I've become aware of Skottie Young recently, and I've seen him to be an extremely talented and versatile artist. So why can't he just change styles depending on what he's trying to portray? Why did he decide to go with the cutesy manga look for this series anyways? Why not the Sienkiewicz style? Or something else?

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