Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Thor #2

Thor #2
I really wasn't expecting much from this series, so the first issue pleasantly surprised me, and this latest installment has taken my surprise to entirely new heights. It's good! It's very VERY GOOD. It's got shades of Thor: Lord of Asgard, what with the giant monolith of Asgard floating above the Oklahoma desert, but that's where the comparisons end. After all, it's only floating there because the cops told him it couldn't be on the ground! And he pays for the land! Nicely done. I wonder if we're about to enter into Sandman territory here with his search for his friends, the lost gods of Asgard. Is he going to go metaphysical on us searching for them in the collective unconscious? Or perhaps he'll take it more literally and look for them at the local library or university classics department. Or perhaps he'll go figurative and find his friends by searching for places and items which they represent?
But why would he ever want to bring back Loki? And if Odin returns, does that mean that Thor will be beholden to him once more, or will this incarnation present them on equal footing?
Regardless of where JMS takes this story, I'd venture to say that we're in for quite a ride.

And it's got great dialogue too!

Next issue features the obligatory confrontation between Thor - an unregistered superhuman - and the fascist dick who used to be Iron Man. At least, I think so. Maybe it'd be best to skip it? Maybe it'll be as good as Nova's similar story was? We'll see. For now, I'm enjoying this series, and will continue reading it.

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