Friday, August 10, 2007

Un-Men #1

Un-Men #1
A solid beginning to what may turn out to be the best DCU Vertigo series in quite some time. This series is being set in the constraints of the larger DC magical/mature audiences universe, no retcons, revamps, or reboots required, continuing directly from the story in American Freak, but hopefully fixing some of the continuity errors it introduced along the way. If John Whalen's letter at the end of the issue is any indication, it's already doing so by acknowledging Anton Arcane's creation of the first generation Un-Men.
But it's not really about that. The freakish personalities and settings herein are merely color to a noir detective story. And this story hits all the right beats: hard boiled outcast detective, a beautiful woman, a conspiracy, a murder, a cover-up, etc. It's darn near perfect. Just with freaks. And Cranius!
A VERY GOOD first issue that has me looking forward to the next with fervor. Unlike several of the new generation of Vertigo titles: Creeper, Deadman, and Army @ Love, none of which I am reading any more. I quit Creeper because I couldn't stand the revamp/reboot. I quit Deadman because it made no fucking sense. And I quit Army @ Love because it's stupid, pointless, ridiculous, and boring. Here's hoping that Vertigo will actually get it right on this title.

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