Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nightwing #135

Nightwing #135
Since Infinite Crisis this has easily been the worst of the Bat books. The quality improved slightly when Jones got kicked off the title, but Wolfman has been continually pushing these storylines that just don't matter! And now, he's made up a backstory of the woman who took Dick's virginity, the boss of a gang he ran with for a short time when he was sixteen...seventeen...whatever, and he expects it to make an emotional impact when he "brings them back" into Dick's life. It doesn't. I don't care about them whatsoever.
The new Vigilante is definitely an intriguing character, even if it does turn out to be the other gang member who became a priest. Since Wolfman's Vigilante series a decade or so ago, there has been a Vigilante void. By bringing in a new Vigilante character, Wolfman is finally doing something right with this title. I still don't care about the larger story, but the Vigilante plot has piqued my interest. So, OKAY, I'll definitely read the next issue.

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