Monday, July 23, 2007

Wolverine: Origins Annual #1

Wolverine: Origins Annual #1
Is it just me? Or does more happen in this single issue than has happened since the inception of this title? Hell, since the storyline's inception.
And since not much in the way of forward momentum actually occurs in this issue (what do you expect but a done-in-one for an annual?) it indicates JUST HOW BAD the ongoing title actually is.
This issue is a GOOD one, filling us in on a section of Wolvie's backstory instead of just assuming we already knew it. Of course, I don't know who Romulus is supposed to be, nor do I care. I don't know who Tai was, so I really don't care about his death. I don't even care about the larger story anymore. It's dumb. But I picked this book up expecting it to be a one-shot and wasn't disappointed.
Kaare Andrews' art inside is both hit and miss. Sometimes, I have no clue what he thinks he's drawing. Or what he's doing with Wolverine's hair. Oy. But in other places, the art is very good, especially the touch of graphically fraying the edges of the flashback pages to connote an ancient aspect to them. It shows a lot of care, and is worth noting.

I still hate this series and will not read another issue of it. This time, I really mean it!

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