Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ultimate X-Men #84

Ultimate X-Men #84
Quite GOOD. I like where Bishop is shown to have been taking this recruitment plot: the creation of the Ultimate Universe's New X-Men. Ultimate Stryfe seems odd in his first appearance. Although obviously not a Cable clone, he's a natural ideological leader, though a poor combat leader, as he flees whenever things get hinky. Also, I'm wondering why some of his recruits have joined him, since his speech seems to accentuate mutants' outward physical differences. If that were truly the case, then wouldn't he be better served by trying to take over the Morlocks and turn them into his own private army?

Tell me, is the chick in the purple outfit Psylocke? She's never mentioned by name, and her powers seem to be different, but the costume seems reminiscent, plus she's got purple hair and refers to having been previously in another body.
Here's a question: did she have these powers in her previous form? And if so, would that imply that her powers are spiritual as opposed to physical? What would that even mean in the scheme of things?

I actually like the new costumes a lot. I've never really been a fan of costumes, but these seem more like work clothes rather than anything garish or outlandish. Except for Storm who's dressed like a whore, and Bishop who's got belt pouches. And Pyro of course, but that's not really a new costume he's wearing.

But remind me when this Sentinel attack began? I feel as if I've missed an issue or two here.

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