Monday, July 09, 2007

Thor #1

Thor #1
Not nearly as sacrilegious as I expected. I'm still not quite clear on the mystic explanation for the Gods and Asgard existing without the looming threat of Ragnarok, nor am I comfortable with the notion that Donald Blake has been waiting in limbo since Thor's original encounter with Beta Ray Bill, way back when, NOR can I completely buy that Thor got sent to limbo after the fall of the Gods, NOR can I truly believe that now that Odin's dead, some of the things he did have been nullified, but not others, but if I were to take these explanations at face value, without necessarily reading too much into them, then I'd say that this is a decently OKAY story.
And it's got beautiful art. Unfortunately, even the art isn't good enough to help me understand exactly WHO it is lifting Mjolnir is the desert, or WHEN this event occurs. But thankfully, the cover images have been retooled so that it no longer seems as if Thor is wearing fishnet stockings, so there's that.
At least it's not Clor.

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