Sunday, July 01, 2007

She Hulk #19

She-Hulk #19
Stu Cicero! Trapped in a world he never made! What the hell does that mean - "never made" - anyways? WAUUGH! Heh.
Mallory Book proving that the leader is not responsible for his actions due to his Gamma transformation by using She-Hulk's lack of inhibitions in relation to Jennifer Walters, primarily sexually (she did NOT have sex with the Juggernaut!), is a stroke of genius. It's about time that this title got back to what really made it excel above and beyond all the other titles out there, the courtroom and lawyering dramas. It hasn't been the same since Eros worked his mojo on Jen.
Apparently the comic book guys in the reference room didn't read Peter David's recent run on the Incredible Hulk (I don't blame them), or they'd realize that the incidents they're referring to, that of the Leader transferring his mind to another body, then dying and having his brain stored in a jar, were merely a dream.
Anyways, I'm glad to see the book back with what made me love it in the first place. VERY GOOD.

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