Friday, July 13, 2007

Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular

Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular
EXCELLENT! Exactly what I'd expect from this book, and sometimes more. Why can't Marvel make this an ongoing humor title instead of relegating the GLA/X/C/D/I to these occasional one shots and rare crossover appearances? I'd totally buy that comic!
My favorite part of this book is when Big Bertha realizes that Deadpool likes her as a fatty, then angsts aloud as to why Wade can't recognize her for the beauty that she has inside her, whereupon Deadpool exclaims "you don't know how long I've waited for someone to say that" and takes off his mask to reveal his hideously scarred visage. Whereupon Bertha turns away and vomits. Question: if Bertha vomits like this will she revert to her Ashley persona?
I also loved the segments which poke fun at the bastardization of Speedball into the most egregious example of mischaracterization ever. Even when confronted with the complete illogic of his new path, he (the writers who created Penance and are writing him as such now) refuses to acknowledge that maybe, yeah, it doesn't make any sense after all!
I'd pay money to read this book monthly. Who's with me on that?

[Edit: Apparently not Paul O'Brien. He notes, correctly, that any scene with Deadpool in it tends to marginalize the comedic elements of the GLI. However, these scenes hardly comprise the bulk of the issue. Deadpool, for the most part, is merely used as a plot device, although cleverly so. As I mentioned above, one of these stories revolves around a date between him and Big Bertha. Although it certainly could have been played up more, the joke works even in its brevity. And a large portion of the issue doesn't have Deadpool in it at all! Squirrel Girl is much more the featured character in this book than Deadpool is, by any stretch, and any scene with her, even if not comedic, is pure gold. So I stand by my assessment. I'm not saying that Paul's wrong, he's just concentrating overly on certain elements of the issue while I am concentrating on others. Perhaps a fairer rating of the issue would be somewhere between our two ratings. But I'll leave that for someone else.]

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