Monday, July 23, 2007

Ghost Rider #13

Ghost Rider #13
Did Ghost Rider actually just bring a building down on Hulk by wrapping his chain around it? What the hell? He could have unleashed the full fury of the Spirit of Vengeance on Hulk and instead, what does he resort to? MASSIVE PROPERTY DAMAGE. Oh yeah, that's not going to ruin a few lives, naw.
And why the hell does his internal monologue sound like a newbie wuss? What's up with that?
And the art is seriously underwhelming, to say the least.
The end of this story provides exactly the right point. As the Ghost Rider persona takes over completely, he leaves town. Because the Hulk is not guilty. And the Ghost Rider's purpose is to avenge the innocent. Which Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, Reed Richards, and Tony Stark most certainly are not. They are guilty of the deaths of millions of people on Hulk's world.
That said, I'm mystified as to why GR leaves town instead of siding with Hulk. Since he's in the right in this instance, don't all the souls of those who perished on his planet require vengeance?
Thus, this issue rates merely OKAY. And that's probably being overly generous.

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