Monday, June 18, 2007

Sub-Mariner #1

Sub-Mariner #1
Well, it's competent, at least. Really, though, I don't see the need for this story. And where's the Initiative? The book is bannered a crossover, so wouldn't that imply their involvement?
In the scope of the larger Marvel Universe, now that the Superhuman Registration Act has gone into effect, what are the general populace going to do the next time a Stamford-scale tragedy occurs? They've already blamed the superheroes, and were listened to. So who are they going to blame now?

Civil War was stupid, there's no doubt about that. Seriously, people don't react as they were portrayed in that series. However, since they have been portrayed like that, what will these irrational fear mongerers do now? Who will they scapegoat next?

Notice that I didn't have much to say about this particular book? That's because I really don't believe that Namor is going to die as hinted at in the book's opening pages. It makes no sense. (Therefore, you must acquit.) Whatever, all I can muster so far is an EH. At least it's better than the Namor series from a few years back which tried to rewrite Namor's origin in modern times or some such nonsense.

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