Thursday, June 07, 2007

Countdown #47

Countdown #47
I love Mary Marvel, the hottest freakin' chick in the whole DCU!
Otherwise, this book was pretty lame.
I'd like see some editor's notes telling me when the referenced events in History of the Multiverse occurred, but that's still not bad. Except for the dubious placement of the word balloons, which makes it extremely difficult to follow the narration.
Also, the new storyline involving Holly Robinson makes no sense whatsoever. Was Calculator unable to remove her data from the police databases? And if so, why didn't we see anything of that in Catwoman? And why on Earth would Holly move to Metropolis, of all places, instead of Nowheresville, USA? And not take Karon with her? Besides being completely out of character for her, it's both unbelievably stupid and stupidly unbelievable.

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