Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nova #1 - #3

Nova #1 - #3
Wow. These first three issues have been really good. Perhaps not Excellent, but nearly so. What makes them so incredible is, among other things, Nova's reaction to the aftermath of Civil War. As someone who's been off-world since before any of the Civil War stupidity began, he's shocked to discover the degree of importance which those he encounters ascribe to what, in the cosmic scale of things, amounts to not much more than a minor scuffle. While he was out saving the Galaxy, these small-minded individuals were ignoring anything beyond their petty disputes, elevating their small conflict to a disproportionate scale of import. And Rich recognizes this fact. And he tries to impress it upon those he speaks with - his parents, cops, Stark, the Thunderbolts, and - the stupidest evolution of a character in the history of the Marvel universe - "Penance". Nova BEGS Robbie not to get caught up in the petty dramas of self-important individuals. And then he just can't stand it anymore and takes off.

The best part of the third issue occurs following the Thunderbolts' confrontation with Nova where they put civilians in massive jeopardy, blow up entire buildings, and all because Richard isn't registered? Sure he is! He's a registered member of the Nova Corps! And if S.H.I.E.L.D. and the CSA (still the Confederate States of America to me) are unable to recognize the authority of any law force stationed in another country, let alone another world or part of the galaxy, well, then, there's something incredibly wrong with them.
At least Tony Stark takes them to task for having put civilians in danger for such a spurious goal as apprehending NOVA! He promises consequences, but I doubt that these will be forthcoming in any other book. Seriously, most of the writers on Civil War aftermath books seem to think that it was a terrific plot device, and the greatest thing since the New X-Men! This book shows it for what it is. Stupid. And, unfortunately, something that must now be dealt with. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - this is what happens when you make a penciller your editor-in-chief.

Also, it's quite refreshing to actually have a book bannered as an Initiative crossover which has something to do with the Initiative, unlike most books bannered thusly, which often don't even pay it lip service!

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