Friday, June 01, 2007

Countdown #48

Countdown #48
Man, is that art UGLY! First of all, I thought the meteors seemed to be going upwards, rather than down. Were cars falling from the sky? Since when does Superman look like THAT? And is Jimmy Olsen supposed to be the new Flash?
If Black Adam doesn't have his powers back, then why does he have elf ears, huge muscles, a six foot frame, and his Black Adam costume on? Not to mention the apparent ability to rip intruders in half? And what's with calling this abandoned building the consulate of Kahndaq? And if Mary BATSON no longer has her powers, then why is she referred to constantly as Mary MARVEL? And why do some panels portray her as a little girl, whereas others show her to be a young woman? Exactly how old is she supposed to BE?
Still no actual forward momentum, as the series crawls along at a virtual standstill. AWFUL.

Surprisingly, though, whereas Jurgens' History of the DCU was one of the worst parts of 52, his History of the Multiverse is actually quite GOOD. I'd rather just read an entire issue like that, rather than the mindless drivel which fills the beginning of the book.

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