Monday, June 18, 2007

JLA Classified #39

JLA Classified #39
This story remains GOOD, even after its third installment. Kid Amazo is well equipped to fight his programming due to his background in Philosophy - a hook that we would never get from any other writer than Milligan (maybe DeMatteis and Veitch, too). Kid Amazo, as a means of rebelling against his programming, dresses up like a super hero and fights bad guys, hoping to force a confrontation with his "father". Good stuff.

My only quibble is that Frank's girlfriend dumps him waaaay too easily, which makes no sense unless she's enacting a plan initiated by Wonder Woman for some reason.

Superman seems to take much more of a philosophical role in this book than he normally woruld, encroaching on territory which would normally be Batman's purview. Also, it seems that the Justice League featured in this story is quite similar to that featured in the Justice League television series, especially in the characterization of Batman - he actually smiles!

Like I said, a GOOD issue, with absolutely none of it feeling like filler. From the next issue solicit, it seems that the storyline spans at least five issues, more likely six. I hope that it continues to move along at this pace, because this speed really feels like a good fit for the story. There's a lot to tell, and Milligan has been telling it well.

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