Thursday, June 14, 2007

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #4
Well that was quite a lot of fun. This issue was EXACTLY what the final segment of the TV shows used to be like. Breakneck action with dialogue that flows between characters and scenes, without any letup. It reminds me just why I loved the show so much. And how every year Ally McBeal kept get nominated for an Emmy as a comedy, but Buffy never did - it was just outrageous! Not that Ally wasn't funny, but it wasn't half as witty as most episodes of Buffy!

I'm sorry to read that Joss is stepping away from the series to become its executive producer, but nothing else. Still, BKV's no slouch, and I know that he's a long time Buffy fan, so maybe this series will do alright under his pen. Still, there's no match for Joss.

I love that Joss was able to keep this story moving along, bringing in a host of elements, but never once letting the story slow down or suffer from it. If only he could do likewise for Astonishing X-Men, which merely seems to meander from issue to issue - well-written as they may be, nothing happens! This arc saw a complete story told from beginning to end, with the inclusion of new and old, villains, elements, and friends. It is wonderfully EXCELLENT. I'm so glad that I've been buying this series. I look forward to its future issues.

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