Friday, June 01, 2007

Action Comics #850

Action Comics #850
A satisfying read. It's nice to get my first glance at Supergirl looking like a real girl, and not just stick figure baby. Cute story, with nice fanboy nods thrown in. Some continuity questions arise though, are all the previous iterations of Superman now considered to be in alternate universes? Including Doomsday? What about the hinted at meetings of young Superman (we won't call him Superboy! It's not Superboy!!!) and the Legion? What did the Eradicator(s?) have to do with the destruction of Krypton? So the rocket wasn't specifically designed for an infant? Where do all the myriad versions of Brainiac fit in to continuity? Wow, lots of questions! Still, nice art, good writing, and an interesting story make for a VERY GOOD, if slightly throwaway, issue. And thank god, next month we get back to Richard Donner's (shyeah right!) story. I love Busiek, Nicieza, and done-in-ones, but I'm sick and tired of all the fill-ins.

But, maaaan! What an ugggly baby!

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MaGnUs said...

I hate Superman not being born on Earth... I really do.... and there was something else that really bugged me from that issue, but I can't remem... oh, yes... Lana has living parents and she's also got siblings?!??! WTF?!!?