Thursday, June 14, 2007

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #21

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #21

After reading that scene with Robbie and JJ earlier in the book, I seriously thought that Jameson was going to have a change of heart. That it was time that he finally saw his misguided crusade against Spider-Man for what it was. Boy, was I kidding myself, or what? His ego is too big to ever let him admit fault or even the slightest bit of responsibility for the perpetuation of the "Spider-Man as public menace" meme.

Ero still doesn't grab me as a villain. To me, she recalls the worst bits of JMS' spider totem ideas for Spidey without bringing in any of the positive aspects of that storyline.
It's cute, though, that Spidey gets to fighting her with his spikes. Kinda sorta like he's going Wolverine on her, or something.

The dialogue in this book is great and witty as always. I just really don't care about the villain at all. I'm scared for Spidey, sure, but does anyone really think that anything would really happen to him? NOW who's kidding themselves? To me, it's all about making the villain interesting, and Ero just really doesn't fit the bill. Seriously, didn't we FINISH the "Other" storyline?

The only reason I'll give this book a rating of OKAY is due to the dialogue.

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