Monday, June 18, 2007

Batman Confidential #6

Batman Confidential #6
I haven't exactly been waiting for each issue of this book to hit the stands, but when it does show up, I find myself very pleased after having read it. This issue is no exception. The conclusion to a VERY GOOD inaugural storyline set in the very early days of the Bat. So early, in fact, that this issue marks the point at which Bruce Wayne began the Wayne Foundation and ceased all defense contracting by his company. Unfortunately, while a grand gesture, I wonder what all those employees of Wayne's munitions and armory plants thought when they got pink slipped. Somehow, I don't quite think that altruism will go over so well with the blue-collareds. Of course, Bruce being Bruce, it's quite likely that he found other places for them within his company. My point is, that's not the kind of thing that can be done overnight, which is what Bruce is shown to have done here. Still, this detracts not at all from the main storyline, that of the Batman's dismantling of Lex Luthor's plan to use government funded super soldier drones to take over the United States.
A nice touch in the artwork in this issue is that in close-ups of the Batman's cowl, it's obvious that it's taut fabric, as opposed to a helmet or Kevlar. It's a nice touch, as Batman developed his armory over time by seeing what was necessary and adapting his costume and utilities to match. It's that kind of attention to smail details that I appreciate in the books that I read.
Next issue begins a new storyline though, with a new team. Diggle did a great job. I would definitely read his work elsewhere if given the chance. However, I've never heard of this fellow Michael Green. They say he's a writer/producer on "Heroes". So perhaps he'll do just as well. I'm not keeping my hopes up, though. (Also problematic may be the fact that most often, television writers are unable to turn their scripts in on time.)

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