Thursday, March 22, 2007

X-23: Target X #4

X-23: Target X #4
After last month's cliffhanger that many people didn't believe to be a cliffhanger, the book takes a decidedly unexpected turn, as Laura doesn't end up killing her family, because Megan gets her mother in the shower and washes the trigger scent off of them. Brilliant. I didn't see that coming at all. Yost and Kyle led us to believe that "X" killed her family. Apparently she saved them. Very nicely done, gentlemen.
Also, in this issue, Kimura is "introduced". Actually, she first appeared three months ago, but since Yost and Kyle have written X-23 since the X-23 miniseries in 2005 (and, in fact, Kyle gets creator credit for the character), it's likely that Kimura's role in Laura's upbringing has been planned for quite some time, and therefore her inclusion in this issue doesn't seem like a retcon or anything, but feels quite natural. (In fact, X-23's origin series was well underway by the time that Joe Quesada finally got around to finishing NYX in which she first appeared.)
Has the art changed a bit? I see that the same artists are working on it, but for some reason it seems less polished than before. It still looks great, though.

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