Friday, March 16, 2007

Punisher War Journal #5

Punisher War Journal #5
Wow. Finally a GOOD issue from this title. It's another done-in-one, which y'all should realize by now, I'm a huge fan of, and this one is done right. An Auxilliary police volunteer ends up in a mexican standoff with Bushwacker in the middle of Times Square. And holds his ground. Over what must be hours. When the Punisher shows up in the crowd, this hero takes the momentary distraction and free's Bushwacker's hostage. Bushwacker gets shot by a fed. Frank Castle begins to walk away, and then sees footage of Cap's death on the huge TV screen in Times Square. The End. It's all about the reaction shot at the end. Even subliminally contrasting Cap's death with 9/11 isn't going too far - they both represent the death of ideals. Nicely done.

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NucleonSaber said...

A *GOOD* issue? Were we reading the same book?

The plot wasn't terrible and the dialogue was decent, but neither was GOOD. The art was pretty great, even if it was very inconsistent.

However, the book suffers from terrible flaws such as the bizarre G.W. Bridge impersonator running around. That's just bad. I can't wait for the REAL Bridge to come pound his ugly butt.