Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wonder Man #4

Wonder Man #4
Fun, as usual, especially for the interacti
ons between Simon, Hank, and Carol.
Am I the only person who's noticed that Beast looks like PAD? Judge for yourself:
Or maybe I'm just waaaay too tired. (Sorry about the formatting...ever since google took over blogger it's made resizing, posting, placing images difficult. Maybe someone has an idea of what I can do? I really miss the old days of being able to actually control exactly what your content's appearance was.)
Oh, yeah. The book? GOOD. Continuing with the Pygmalion theme, Simon lets Ladykiller free of her restraining collar and asks her to be his date to an Avengers ball. However, PAD finally introduces the intrigue, as it turns out that this was the insidious plan all along - to get Ladykiller in a position wherein she'd be able to murder all of the Avengers.

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