Friday, March 16, 2007

Civil War: The Confession

Civil War: The Confession
Why is it that Brian Bendis, from whom all characters speak with the exact same voice, without fail, is the only one to have gotten this Civil War crap right? Okay, maybe not the only one, but close to it. Fine, not really, but I'm allowing the EXCELLENT Mighty Avengers to color my opinion overly. So sue me.
Anyways, the first half of this issue comes off as a public apology to us on Marvel's behalf for the ludicrousness in hackneyed plot hammering and hackery that was Civil War. And it works. But sorry, I can't forgive that easily. By editorial mandate, looking for the next big event, Marvel has corrupted the universe of my youth. When I was a kid, I looved Marvel. I hardly ever read DC, but for the big events. But now? Now, I can barely stomach most of what Marvel puts out, and I looove the DCU. Well, for the most part (see recent reviews of 52).
Why? And how long is this going to last before I can conscionably return in full force?
Taken on its own merits, this issue is GOOD, but in light of Marvel's recent boneheaded moves, it's merely OKAY. Sorry, Marvel, I can't forgive you this easily.

And then they come right back at us with a big "Fuck You" in the second story.
Iron Man: Well... You're a sore loser, Captain America.
Captain America: You bet.

Gee thanks, you assholes. By inclusion of this second piece in the issue, it completely qualifies for a highly justified rating of ASS.

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NucleonSaber said...

I don't see why Cap would even consider himself a 'loser' - oh, wait, this is NuMarvel, where you can never rely on characters' pasts to help you understand what they're doing NOW.

It would be nice to see a semblance of consistency between two Marvel titles one of these days; this crap flew in the face of just about everything we've learned elsewhere about CIVIL WAR and, specifically, the relationship between Cap and Iron Man.