Sunday, March 25, 2007

Birds of Prey #104

Birds of Prey #104
I love this book. I love this book! I LOVE THIS BOOK!
Gail Simone bemoans the fact that everyone since Dan Vado has been pissing all over Giffen and DeMatteis' JLI since they left the title, and then, in a move I never would have expected, not in a million years, she brings Tora back!!! It might just be a ruse, as was "Ted Kord"'s return in the pages of Manhunter (ewwwww), but ohmygod! Gail Simone sure knows how to write a fun book. I want her to be the next writer on JLA. What a fun JLA that would be, eh? Hell, get rid of Meltzer right now!

There's so many other things I love about this issue:
Kerimov saying to Creote "I always suspected you were a devourer of women". (In case you don't remember, he's gay.) Curiously though, I seem to remember his lover Savant declaring that he'd never work for Oracle again, following his torture at the hands of the Calculator's minions (BoP #90). I would assume that Creote's working with Babs would put some strain on their relationship. But no matter, it was a great line.
I love Helena's budding interest in Catman. He licks her! And yet, she comes back for more!
Kay and Scandal together at a formal event, making zero attempt to hide their relationship.
Helena, the meatball queen, flinging one at Blake.
Oracle: "Good job attempting to pump Blake, Helena."/Helena:"HEY! I didn't...we didn't even..."/O:"Wait! Bad choice of words." Priceless dialogue that you only get from Gail Simone on any sort of consistent basis. (BTW: Quote of the Week!)
Oracle rewards Hawkgirl with her own sportscar for taking part in the mission.

Have I told anybody lately that I love this book?

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