Friday, March 16, 2007

New Avengers #28

New Avengers #28
This issue, though, this is some GOOD stuff. Any book that has the Avengers sitting around eating and joking for three pages has gotta be GOOD. I love the characterization of Luke Cage - he's invulnerable - so he's badass. He doesn't care what other people do to him 'cause they can't do anything to him. Still not liking fascist Tony, though. Even though he's only on one page, it really leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
Still, what's great about this issue is the details: Dr. Strange has put an enchantment on his house that leads everyone to believe that it's getting turned into a Starbucks. Leinil Yu's expressions. Spidey's wisecracks. Wolvie's wisecracks. Things like that just make the book. I'm liking it. As long as they make sure that Echo can see their lips when they speak to her, I'll like any issues that are like this. I mean, the dialogue in the last issue was great, but that Echoing inconsistency was just jarring.

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NucleonSaber said...

It seems that what you like about NEW AVENGERS is what I hate. You think the characters were cracking wise? I think they were cracking stupid. The jokes were not funny, the non-humorous dialogue was horrendous, the plot was barely sensible and what the hell is with Echo? Her EYES WERE CLOSED but she could still follow the conversation?

Sloppy, sloppy work, and Yu's art is just so unspeakably awful that I, well, won't speak of it.