Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cable & Deadpool #38

Cable & Deadpool #38
No, I haven't read it...Civil War (or the fact that I wasn't reading any of Civil War) caused me to fall behind. But, God! Look at that cover! If the credits didn't specify otherwise, I'd swear this was done by Bill Sinkiewicz! Wow! Whoever this Skottie Young guy is has quite a future ahead of him. Wow!

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NucleonSaber said...

Skottie Young has a fairly substantial past behind him, too!

As much as I have loved CABLE & DEADPOOL, the last two issues weren't quite up there for me (although they were still great). This issue brought back the true CDP goodness.

In fact, the cover was the greatest concern for me - it looks like Marvel is trying to at least superficially "grim and gritty"-ise CDP, which would never work.