Friday, March 16, 2007

Green Lantern Corps #10

Green Lantern Corps #10
Now that we're done with the atrociously AWFUL "Corpse" (Green Lantern Corps #7-#9) storyline, I still can't bring myself to care about this series very much. I don't much care about the characters, nor do I care about what they're doing - for the most part. I will say this, however: I'm extremely intrigued by Sooranik Natu's actions on her homeworld, opening up a free clinic and helping people with the aid of her ring. That's really something. Heck, I'd read an entire issue of that. But perhaps that's just my Biology background showing (by the way, if anyone knows of any Genetics research positions, let me know!). That part was interesting. Ironic, since I had never cared for her to begin with.
I also liked Kilowog getting so angry that he crushed his donut and coffee...mmmmm Donuts, arghhhhh.
Otherwise, EH.

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