Monday, December 11, 2006

Spider-Man: Reign #1

Spider-Man: Reign #1, haven't I read this before? It's almost exactly like Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", except with Spider-Man. Even the internal monologue sounds like Frank Miller. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you, DKR was some of the most excellent writing ever to appear in comic book format. And Peter Parker does seem to be in his eighties here. It's just, well, it seems like a rerun...watched many years later - when you remember the basic plot, but the details have since slipped your mind. That's exactly how this seems.
Not to be picky, but I haven't seen anywhere - except in the pages of Transmetropolitan - where an elected official has the right to postpone elections specifically because "he's working on something". Not in this country, at least - in some African and Middle Eastern regimes, it happens all the time. So, um, yeah.
Also, since it's obvious that Peter is the main character here, why try to hide that fact from us? Why doesn't his spider-sense go off when he's in danger? And seriously, how crappy a florist must he be to get the order wrong when his job depends on it? And is Mary Jane alive? Or is she preserved there like Norman Bates' mother?
I was going to say this is OKAY, but it just keeps getting worse on further reflection. I'm still somewhat intrigued, so I guess I'll at least read the next issue, but this one gets an EH.

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