Sunday, December 17, 2006

52 #32

52 #32
An OKAY issue. Not up to the standards I expect, yet compared to most issues of this title, OKAY is saying a lot.
I found it odd for most of this issue that the Perfect Accomplished Physician, who's obviously in tight with the Tibetans, should work for the Chinese. It's not so much explained as such, rather the dialogue alludes to him having made some sort of compromise regarding his ideals, for the sake of the greater good. But a little more exposition would have been nice - blame Morrison for its lack.
Also, I found it interesting that the PAP did not view Ralph's presence in Nanda Parbat as a violation of the superhuman whatever treaty, as the GL's presence in Russia were several months ago. Perhaps this comes to show us that although the PAP works for the Chinese, he still views Tibet as a separate entity, regardless of the politics of the region.

And on page 19, it says "Hey a Neal Adams Effect", in reference to Neal Adams "Hey a Jim Steranko Effect" from Strange Adventures #216. Thanks to Douglas Wolk for the reference.

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